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"We are an eternal start up. We evolve constantly"

“We are an eternal start up. We evolve constantly”

The recycling market in Rio de Janeiro is not for “amateurs”. And those in charge of the management of many of the existing cooperatives are female entrepreneurs. In the context of the covid pandemic, in particular, it is necessary to adapt, try out new processes, and take risks to generate more business. Read below one more story of our series of inspiring women who fight for the valorisation of the environmental services provided by waste collectors.

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First global effort designed to reduce plastic footprint of corporations

New plastic waste initiative offers first ever market-based credit scheme in bid to accelerate recovery and recycling

The 3R Initiative brings together NGOs, experts and leading companies Danone, Nestlé, Tetra Pak and Veolia in pioneering “circular economy” business models

LONDON, UK – The 3R Initiative is the first global effort designed to reduce the plastic and packaging foo

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