Marcação: Plastic Waste

Digitising the waste supply chain in Mozambique & Angola

The KOLEKT app is now in the hands of various different types of users in Mozambique and Angola, as part of the first phase of the study and pilot project to establish if a digital waste management solution could improve waste collection and recycling in Southern Africa. During March and April, Circular Action Director, Thierry […]

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Circular Beach Project starts training activities on plastic waste

Throughout May, BVRio’s circular economy specialist, Maria Accioly, has been leading capacity-building workshops for the workers of the establishments participating in the ‘Circular Beach’ project, developed in partnership between the EU programme Circular Plastics in the Americas (CPAP), BVRio, Riotur and Orla Rio. The project’s main objective is to promote sustainable tourism in Rio’s seaside […]

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Projeto de incentivo à reciclagem no Rio conclui fase piloto com forte legado para a gestão de resíduos na cidade

Nosso projeto em parceria com duas cooperativas de reciclagem no Rio de Janeiro concluiu com sucesso a fase piloto. Realizado pela Circular Action, o projeto promove a recuperação, coleta e adequada destinação de resíduos plásticos por meio da emissão de Créditos de Plástico financiados pela Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Aliança para Fim dos Resíduos […]

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BVRio joins Copacabana ‘Circular Beach’ Project

BVRio will play a pivotal role in benchmarking plastic use and waste on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro until December this year, as part of the ‘Circular Beach’ project run by The Circular Plastics in the Americas Program (CPAP). The 9 month long, multi-partner project aims to reduce plastic waste dumped on beaches, in […]

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Project Update: Used Beverage Carton Recycling in Vietnam

Lesson #1: Innovation requires flexibility. Reflections from Circular Action Director, Thierry Sanders on the first few months of the project, and turning things on their head. ‘Trickle down economics’ doesn’t work. It may have been a term commonly heard by economics students born before 1980. But even in 2022 in Saigon, Vietnam this outdated economic […]

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Campanha de solidariedade aos catadores e catadoras do Brasil

Cologne & Waste Pickers: The evolution of waste collection

Circular Action Director, Thierry Sanders, reflects on this year’s Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo and on the evolution of waste collection. The hall of the Plastic Free World trade fair at the Kolner Messe is bustling with international visitors passing by stands of paper packaging as alternatives to plastic. Also on display are […]

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