BVRio supports actions that promote climate resilience

This week, The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forestry and Agriculture, of which BVRio is a participant, delivered a document to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply with its contributions to the 2022/2023 Crop Plan. The proposals aim to encourage increased productivity and the adoption of good practices based on the adoption of technologies, the adaptation of production systems and the implementation of the Forest Code.

The document was prepared by the members of the Green Finance Task Force of the Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry Dialogue Forum of the Brazil Coalition and sent to the Agricultural Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture. BVRio has followed the dialogue forums and strategic committees regarding actions aimed at the adoption of good practices for the implementation of the Forestry Code and sustainable agriculture. One of the efforts has been the conversations between the members of the Green Finance Task Force of the Agriculture and Forestry Dialogue Forum of the Brazil Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition, a movement of which BVRio has been a part of since 2015.

“The five proposals presented by the Coalition are intended to ensure that the financing of Brazilian livestock farming is more efficient and focused on actions that promote climate resilience, protection and recovery of natural ecosystems, and is aligned with national emission reduction targets. It is imperative to reconcile rural production with the natural environment in compliance with environmental legislation as a basic foundation, especially with the Forest Code, and to avoid the financing of activities that potentially create negative impacts, such as deforestation and contamination of water resources. Directing rural credit towards sustainability is essential for the fulfilment of Brazil’s agro-environmental potential”, emphasises BVRio’s Director of Forestry and Public Policy, Beto Mesquita.

Among the movement’s suggestions are suspending financing for rural landowners and companies in a situation of socio-environmental irregularity, reviewing the Program for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture (ABC Program) in line with ABC+ and simplifying rural credit programs. The development of the agricultural sector must also be intrinsically linked to the promotion of the bioeconomy.

Click here to learn more about the proposals (in Portuguese).