BVRio and INEA sign cooperation agreement to foster environmental policies in Rio de Janeiro

BVRio and the Rio de Janeiro State Environment Institute (INEA) formalised a cooperation agreement to drive the construction of public policies, projects and market mechanisms that accelerate the implementation of environmental laws in the State. The agreement covers crucial areas such as the circular economy, solid waste management, forest protection and climate change.

The agreement, which will run for two years, establishes clear goals for cooperation between the two entities. Initially outlined in the Work Plan, the actions include searching for public or private investors to finance the implementation of projects, such as installing, operating and maintaining eco-barriers or other means of removing waste from water bodies. A follow-up commission, made up of representatives from INEA and BVRio, will be formed to monitor the agreement in all its phases.

The president of Inea, Philipe Campello, said that “the Cooperation Agreement with BVRio is an important demonstration of society’s participation in the sustainable development of Rio de Janeiro, seeking resources and engagement for the implementation of our state’s environmental public policies”.

“This agreement represents a significant step towards strengthening environmental policies in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The partnership between BVRio and INEA boosts our ability to implement solutions to environmental challenges related to solid waste, forest protection and recovery.” said Beto Mesquita, BVRio Director of Forests and Public Policy.

BVRio will work to identify investors and plan joint actions with an impact on the forest, climate and circular economy agendas. A second Work Plan will be drawn up in the first quarter of 2024, with actions related to the state’s forestry development, as part of the PlanaFlor engagement strategy, a strategic plan led by BVRio and the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development, which aims to speed up the implementation of the Forest Code.