Celebrating 10 years supporting the green economy

2022 is a special year for BVRio. In December 2021 we reached the end of our first 10 years of operation, and in this, our 11th year, we are going to take the opportunity to celebrate the decade of success that we have had, look back at the difference we have made within the areas where we work, and hold some special events in celebration of the continued work that we do with the help of our many partners.

Founded in December 2011, BVRio (Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro ‘Environmental Exchange of Rio de Janeiro’) was created with the objective of developing market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with Brazilian environmental laws. BVRio is a non-profit organisation working at the intersection of economic, environmental and social sustainability, developing market mechanisms, economic tools, and supporting the creation and implementation of environmental initiatives and markets in different countries and regions worldwide.

In the last decade BVRio’s operations have expanded out of Brazil with a staff now of over 30 professionals and associates working in six different countries around the world.

Founders Mauricio and Pedro Moura Costa reflect on what has been achieved;

“We are excited with our achievements to date, and how relevant they are for the environmental agenda and priorities at the moment and for the next 10 years. Compliance with land-use legislation is a priority worldwide. BVRio’s work with the Brazilian Forest Code, as well as with the implementation of timber extraction laws worldwide, have provided tools to assist with the enforcement of laws worldwide.” said Mauricio Moura Costa, Director of BVRio.

“Circular economy rose to the top of the agenda as well, and BVRio’s inroads into this space, through the Circular Action Hub and the Circular Credits Mechanism, created the foundations for us to continue to expand our impact for the years to come.” commented Pedro Moura Costa, Director of BVRio UK.

BVRio’s strategic focus for the next five years is to design and promote innovative market-based solutions for the benefit of the economy, the environment and people across three key thematic areas:

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