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Lucy Cox

Director of International Communications (UK)

Ludmila Girardi

Communications Officer (UK)


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Our vision is to deliver positive impacts for the economy, environment and people through our work focusing on sustainable land use, agriculture and forests, waste management in support of the circular economy, and the bioeconomy.

We have experts available to discuss the following topics with the media:

Market-based solutions for the green economy, including;

  • Credit schemes for carbon, plastic and forests
  • The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)
  • Payment for environment/ecosystem services (PES)
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Nature-based solutions

Environmental policy and legislation, including;

  • Brazilian Forest Code
  • Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade EU FLEGT
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Sustainable land use, agriculture and forests, including;

  • Legal timber trade and timber due diligence
  • Sustainable agriculture including timber, cocoa, soy and rice
  • Deforestation and Conversion Free (DCF) supply chains

Waste management in support of the circular economy, including;

  • Plastic recycling cooperatives and informal waste pickers (worldwide)
  • Solid waste legislation
  • Zero plastic waste leadership
  • Chemical recycling inc Pyrolysis

Climate Change and the bioeconomy, including;

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures
  • Standing forests value, management and timber products
  • Natural products from the Amazon
  • Supporting indigenous communities and enterprises

Media Opportunities

Opinion: 10 years on, has the Brazilian Forest Code been effective?

In May 2022 it was ten years since the introduction of the Brazilian Forest Code, but the destruction of the Amazon shows no signs of slowing down. What’s next? What went wrong? Is there any hope? For the past decade BVRio has worked to support the implementation of this legislation. 

Comment available in English and Portuguese.

Opinion: Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)

BVRio’s Pedro Moura Costa has been involved in all aspects of climate policy, carbon finance and GHG mitigation projects since 1991, when he developed and ran the first carbon-funded projects worldwide involving nature-based solutions. He is a VCMI Steering Committee member and frequent contributor to papers and articles regarding VCM’s. 

Comment available in English and Portuguese.


Opinion, Case Studies: Plastic Recycling in developing countries

For nearly a decade BVRio has worked with informal waste collection and recycling cooperatives, creating market mechanisms to increase wages and improve working conditions. We work with large producers to address their waste footprint solutions, and small local informal solutions from all over the world.

Comment available in English, Portuguese and Dutch. Case studies from 30+ countries.


Opinion: Deforestation and responsible timber trading in the Amazon and other tropical forests

BVRio has been at the forefront of tropical forest management and protection for the past decade, creating tools and initiatives in support of responsible timber trading, and forest conservation.

Comment available in English and Portuguese.

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