Brazil coalition launches report with recommendations for COP 26

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forestry and Agriculture launched its ‘Recommendations for COP 26’ today, in which it lists a series of topics that should be taken into account by the negotiators who will represent the country at the Glasgow Climate Conference, from 31 October.

The recommendations were drawn up after a series of consultations, interviews, meetings and debates with members of the Brazil Coalition and guests from various sectors of society. They were divided into five areas: climate ambition, regulation of carbon markets, ecosystem enhancement, climate finance and climate justice.

Beto Mesquita, BVRio Director of Forestry and Public Policy, member of the Coalition Strategic Group, and co-facilitator of the Forum on Public Policies and Economic Incentives, recalls that the Brazil Coalition was born from the articulation of different sectors of society to influence the proposal that Brazil would bring to the PARIS COP in 2015.

“The Glasgow COP is being seen as a key milestone in advancing the regulation of the Paris Agreement. And Brazil is a fundamental part of this board, either as an agro-environmental power, or as the 4th emitter of greenhouse gases. The Coalition’s proposals aim to enhance Brazil’s impact as a negotiator and as an agent of the transformations needed to combat climate change,” he said.

Among the recommendations, valid for all countries, is the raising of voluntary targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reorienting subsidies, investments and policies aimed at Nature-based Solutions. To ensure climate justice, it is important to allocate resources and technologies to the transition of developing nations towards a low-carbon economy.

Click here to read the full report and executive summary – document language: Portuguese.

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Source: Brazil Climate, Forestry and Agriculture Coalition