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BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange was designed to facilitate compliance with the requirements of export markets of the US (Lacey Act) and the European Union, and to promote the FLEGT Action Plan. prod-comprThe EU Timber Regulation, for instance, requires that importers conduct due diligence on the products they import:
1) to identify their origin, 2) to conduct a risk assessment, and 3) to mitigate the risks identified.
BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange and its Due Diligence and Risk Assessment tools were designed to facilitate this process.

Trade timber online

A platform to facilitate the procurement of responsible timber products from producers worldwide.

Complementary services

Contract additional services to add value to transactions.

BVRio can assist market participants to obtain quotations for services that help them to add value and meet the requirements of every transaction.

Services include the contracting of insurance, receivables financing, quality control, field audits, supply chain traceability, and any type of logistics and exporting services. Through partnerships, we can also assist you in contracting timber processing and drying services.

Buyers can also request quality control and timber classification services, to be performed in the country of origin.

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  • quality control

    Conducted by experienced timber classifiers.

  • Field audits

    Engage specialised forest auditors to verify your chain of custody and assist you in the due diligence of your timber products.


    Accounts receivable finance using your timber supply contracts as collateral.


    Contract for all integrated logistics, exporting processes, dispatch, and handling, from specialised service providers.

due diligence and risk assessment

The System conducts a risk analysis of wood products along its supply chain, from point of production to final buyer. All information and documentation are stored in the system, using blockchain technology, and can be made available for independent auditing.

Available free of charge for participants to analyse the risks associated with their timber products.

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due diligence and risk assessment methodology

The due diligence and risk assessment system is based on cross checking large data sets of official documentation, external data sources, and satellite imagery, among others. In Brazil, data sources include the DOF and Sisflora official systems, FSC, Global Forest Watch, Imazon and ICV. Different sources will be needed to analyse legality in other countries.

Documentation is checked to verify compliance with applicable legislation


Status of logging operations are checked with satellite imagery


If necessary, field audits can be conducted


Verification of official lists of environmental infractions, license cancellations, slave labour, etc.

The supply chain of each individual timber lot is analysed according to Key Risk Indicators. The system is based on big data analysis and conducts over 2 billion cross-checks of multiple databases that are updated on a daily basis.

Databases stored using blockchain technology.


Advisory board

The Timber Exchange and its Due Diligence and Risk Assessment was developed with inputs from a series of organisations. An advisory board was created with individuals from the following organisations.



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