Forest risk in supply chains is the theme of ‘Knowledge Exchange Breakout’ at TFA 2020

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BVRio is pleased to announce its participation to the breakout session “Forest risk in supply chains – a dialogue on how to practically manage risks”, organised by the Rainforest Alliance and Imaflora. The event will take place as a Knowledge Exchange Breakout of The Second General Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 – 21st March, 11:30 – 13:00, at the Hotel Royal Tulip Brasilia, Room C


Companies face extreme supply chain challenges that stretched their capabilities to the breaking point. Both the preponderance of natural disasters and huge economic swings caused extreme challenges across the supply chain. This session will aim to focus on sharing examples across the TFA 2020 partnership of managing risks, as well as exploring the status of existing or newly developing relevant, useable tools – what is working and not working.

BVRio’s presentation will focus on how BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange and its Due Diligence and Risk Assessment tool are helping buyers to identify and mitigate the risks of buying illegal timber. It will also explain its work related to facilitating the access and visibility of the community forestry entreprises to the national and international timber markets.


Facilitation: Richard Donovan

Forest Trends – Stephen Donofrio
Cargill – Mark Murphy
ICV/GTPS – Paula Bernasconi
Greenpeace – Paulo Adario
WRI/Global Forest Watch – Ryan Sarsfield
NWF/Amigos da Terra/GTFI – Pedro Burnier
HCV/HCS Network – Joss Lyons-White
Tocantins – Hannah Simmons
ProForest – Isabelle Freire Vitali / David Hoyle
BVRio – Mauricio Moura Costa
Imaflora – Laura de Santis Prada

For further information please contact Richard Donovan at