BVRio Timber Due Diligence tools – new version, adapted for Sisflora 2 system

Free, on line due diligence system
New version adapted for the Sisflora 2 timber control system of Pará state.  System able to predict more than 99% of infractions before they are detected by the Brazilian Environmental Agency (Ibama).
See video here.
This web-based due diligence tool provides immediate feedback on the legality of Brazilian tropical timber, assisting the compliance with European and American regulations (EUTR and Lacey Act). Be diligent – check it.
 Available for free as a desktop version (visit or as apps in Android or IOS format, available for free download at Google Play and App Store.
About BVRio
BVRio Legal Timber is an initiative of the BVRio Institute and BVRio Environmental Exchange. BVRio Institute ( is a Brazilian non-profit association created in 2011 with the objective to develop market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws. iBVRio was developed in collaboration with different state government agencies (i.e., Amazonas, Pará, Rio de Janeiro, and Acre) and the Association of Environmental Public Attorneys (Abrampa), and established partnerships with a number of civil society organizations. BVRio Environmental Exchange (, was created to operate the markets developed by iBVRio through a multi-sector negotiations platform for environmental commodities developed specifically to serve the needs of developing countries.   iBVRio is a Climate Action Leader of the R20 Regions for Climate Action initiative, received the Katerva Awards 2013 for Economy, and is a member of the Forest Legality Alliance.